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Friday, March 21, 2003

To Thank You....

Out in the dark, in the tons of snow that started falling on St. Patrick's Day, were the people who always come through in any emergency. We who are lucky don't need their services. These are the Sheriff's deputies, the volunteer firefighters, the emergency medical crews, and search and rescue teams we often take for granted. Stories of super-human effort abound. These tired officers and volunteers struggled from accident to accident and offered motorist assistance in blinding snow. Volunteers provided emergency medical assistance while they waited for a toboggan to transport a victim with a broken leg. There was no other way out. Officers and volunteers trudged through freezing drifts to check on snow-bound neighbors who might be in need of urgent help and medicines. Crews rescued families with little ones, trapped without heat, and brought them to safe shelter. While we celebrated the long-awaited snowfall, these dramas unfolded. It's time to sing their praises.

Have we forgotten someone? No...not forgotten.

Over the years, the singing about Road and Bridge has been a wailing of complaint. I'd like to be among the first to point out the wonderful work they are doing for us during this storm emergency.

Even while their own equipment was struggling and stuck in record drifts, the Road and Bridge operators were doing their best to help drivers along their way. Faced with the daunting task of clearing 3 to 5 feet of snow, they stopped to help vehicles out of the middle of the roads and lead them safely along. These Road and Bridge operators were called from place to place, to help emergency crews keep going and to clear vital routes. They worked long hours with tremendous challenges.

We've all had those days when the snow plow coming by was a mixed blessing. The road was cleared or a path cut only to have an impenetrable wall of snow pushed across the end of the driveway. Not so this time. At least, not for long. Our new Road and Bridge will unplug the driveway and offer assistance where they can. They respond to clear drives where medical conditions may exist and the ability to get out, or for emergency crews to get in, is a serious concern. In other words, they're being "right neighborly". They're going the extra mile, no matter how long it takes them to get there.

Complaints, problems and oversights are inevitable, especially during an event such as we've experienced this week. It's important, though, to give credit where credit is due. Tons of snow have fallen on us and tons of snow have been moved. In my opinion, tons of credit are due to the Snowmovers of Park County Road and Bridge.

and All Volunteers and Good Neighbors

for your great response, support, and protection
of the community during this paralyzing storm

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