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I hope all you Obama cultists are really happy with yourselves today. Another 9,000 earmarks in the omnibus bill Obamanuts will sign today. He promised to get rid of earmarks while he was campaigning. He was going to "scour" the budget to get rid of pork. But like everything else, he breaks those promises too. Now you know that we were right and he was lying to you all along. Suckers. He's a bald-faced liar and socialist dictator. Most of us who knew what he was are already prepared for this. For the rest of you idiots who voted for him, I can't wait to see you all go under when the producers in the country just leave and stop paying for you freeloaders. You liars and thieves in the school and sheriff's department should sink first.

You kissed their a$$es all along and bought their BS. You even reelected the big spenders in the county who passed a budget with a $2 million deficit now.

Suckers. Many of us won't be paying your way. You can sink on your own. Who do you think will pay the bills when the houses all around you foreclose?

Where's keg now yelling how Republican presidents are responsible for the huge national debt. Don't you know how many TRILLIONS your idiot in chief just added to it while smirking and shaking his finger at you?

We had a growing economy until Democrats took over congress. Now you can't stop the corruption freight train. At least you had a few conservatives in there slowing things down. Now you have all the biggest crooks running the show. And you had a chance to keep a watchdog in the county government but you helped the clerk throw the election to the cheats? Don't forget, clerk greenie and everyone else in the government knew that the schools were going to get millions from the government even while they were pushing you stupid people to vote for the tax increase. Just how many liars and cheats are you going to continue to put in charge? Do you want a clerk who just breaks the law if she thinks it will improve her budget?

Idiots. You know who you are - idiots. C'mon keg - come make excuses now.

By the way - that Maverick guy who spends half his time bashing citizens and taxpayers in the local forums? He seems to work for the building and planning department. You were paying his salary to spend several hours a day insulting you publicly. File your complaints with Eisenman. That would be the boss of all those departments. Of course, he probably already knows it. Most everybody in the department and county government knows it but some wanted him to keep doing it to get their liars and thieves elected. The proof is out there.

Stupid idiots. Park county didn't used to be this dumb. Hope you all go bankrupt. You deserve it. It started in 2000, no question. Crooked government just grows like fungus. And you've elected the most rotten of the bunch and will have the smelly crooks running again in 2010. You have the Commissioner Leni leftover trash and her political harem all getting their gubmint cheese from you taxpayers while she still doesn't have to pay half her property taxes because she won't let the assessor in and he just lets her get away with it. Big discounts on cars from buying all the county cars that are illegal because they're unmarked and are supposed to be taxed. Go check it out.

And pay attention to how you're voting in future!!!

Park County is Anti-Business

Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:01 am

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You're wasting your keystrokes, 2cents. The people who were too stupid to see what Obama was before they elected him are never going to admit it. Or maybe they'll never figure it out until they find out there are no more elections.

Won't they hate that? Marshall law declared by a leftist who doesn't give a hoot about popular opinion any more. Hugo Chavez here, in other words. It would be amusing to imagine the looks on their faces if it weren't going to be such a huge disaster when this idiot crashes the economy and destroys world defenses.

Moving from Park County is one way to keep from helping Tighe and the troops. Letting homes foreclose should remind them that they need to look beyond their own instant gratification to avoid losing everything. If they were worried about their property values because of not having a Park'n'Ride (as argued by Hodges during the campaign), wait til they see what overtaxing in a recession will do for the county.

Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:03 pm

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The dems crashed the economy in their 2 years in charge of spending so they could win the election and then use their own created "crisis" as an excuse to pass massive spending and make the government massively more powerful over the individual. It's what they've been trying to do for decades. So now the dummies in the country who were educationally-deprived and news-challenged put somebody in office the socialists can use to take over and be expensive tyrants.

They used you, demo-dummies. Fess up. The fall of this country into mass poverty and depression is on your backs. Fake republicans are just as guilty so don't give me the party crap. But there's nobody more radical these days than a demo lawmaker. Out of touch but willing to break any law or ditch any sense of conscience to get their way.

(Barack Hussein Obama thinks I cling)

Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:07 am
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