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Arizona may just be the Beginning 
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Post Arizona may just be the Beginning
If anyone has been following the news as of late, it has become apparent throughout the world and within America too, just what happens when a government can no longer afford to provide entitlements. The debt ridden nations of the world, like Greece, have come to understand that they must cut numerous social programs in an effort to remain solvent. In response to severe, but necessary cuts made by the Greek Government, riotous violence has erupted among union workers in protest. The move by the Greek Government was its definitive effort to save itself from total economic collapse; a fact that simply evades the violent protestors. Apparently, violence and riot is the rejoinder, entitlement dependency groups choose, when the quantity of free stuff must be reduced or when it is completely taken away.

Here in the US, entitlements provided through welfare, food stamps, AFDC, summer food benefits, weatherization assistance, clothing allowances, energy assistance, and any number of other programs but more particularly, the entitlements anticipated and expected by those migrating here illegally, will certainly hasten the bankruptcy of our nation, too. However, that fact is ignored and consequently does not prohibit violent protests from erupting in the most affected regions; as is now occurring in the Southwestern, United States.

The States of Arizona, California, Texas and others in the southwest have had to absorb exorbitant costs associated with an increase in crime and the costs for processing and/or incarcerating those who are here illegally. These States have also had to absorb costs for providing much needed medical services to those having crossed the border. Providing medical services to illegal immigrants, when the majority of them hold a “no-pay” status, has forced the closure of a number of medical facilities and emergency rooms in these states. When these hospitals are forced to close their doors, services are cut to the entire community.

In response to these circumstances, the State of Arizona has passed legislation to help contend with those persons whom are here illegally yet, draw upon government and private services. This action, by the State of Arizona, was necessitated upon the result of years of inaction from the US government, who has thus far, failed to even acknowledge the severity of the circumstances or the impacts to the individual states. The passage of Arizona’s legislation makes it clear that it believes the security and sovereignty of the individual state, as well as the safety of its citizens, is being threatened. It therefore, became paramount for the locally elected officials to take action.

As hard as Arizona has tried to manage the situation and for as long as the people of Arizona have had to tolerate the condition, the Federal government has simply ignored the problem and has only allowed it to intensify. Incredulously, the Federal Government has now begun to chastise, bully and threaten the state for its actions to remedy what is foremost, a Federal issue.

Although Arizona’s actions are justifiable, violent protest and rioting has begun by those seeking a continuance of free movement across the border, into the US. Riotous violence is apparently the response that must be anticipated not only from those relying upon and dependent upon the government for their support, but now, violence must also be anticipated by those who are not even legally entitled to the services.

What happens, when a government can no longer afford to provide the numerous and costly entitlements, and therefore, must begin to cut these programs? Evidently, it must simultaneously prepare for the certain violence and civil disruption that will take place, as it acts to avert economic collapse. So, should we make another 40 - 50 million people dependent upon a government funded and managed program in the form of healthcare, while we simultaneously carry Public Debt of $12.9 Trillion and operate at a Two-Trillion dollar budget deficit? Should we also be considering the granting of amnesty to 12–14 million illegal immigrants, when it is foreseeable they will be added to the healthcare roles?

I only ask this because, we must steel ourselves in preparation for the inevitable and horrific violence that will erupt not just in Arizona but, throughout the US, should it ever become necessary to repeal the healthcare legislation. People who are not even entitled to receive government services are rioting because they believe they deserve them. It is unimaginable what would happen if American citizens, who are truly entitled, are made to be totally dependent upon government for such a crucial service as health care will do, if it later must be taken away.

Fri Apr 30, 2010 1:00 pm

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Post Re: Arizona may just be the Beginning
That is a very well-put argument for the support of Arizona's new law insisting that their police enforce the old laws. That's how I see it - they're actually going to enforce existing law, so it results in riots by those in favor of breaking laws, apparently. California, Texas and Oregon are probably watching Arizona. I salute the courage of the Arizona government and leadership.

It was of interest to me that former Governor Napolitano said in a congressional hearing, "Those borders are as secure as they've ever been." Which is to say they are still wide open, just like when she was in charge.

Before Greece, there was France. Even Great Britain. Open borders destroys whole nations.

Hats off to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Jan Brewer. =D>

Fri Apr 30, 2010 1:49 pm

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Post Re: Arizona may just be the Beginning
I agree with Paul P and NewsJunky, in many ways. This situation has been broiling for years and has now forced the hand of some Governors. The news media has ignored the violence which has been ongoing for a long, long time. Governor Ritter is a moron, saying that Arizona has passed an unconstitutional law... it is taken from the federal immigration laws and couldn't be more constitutional! Illegals don't have constitutional rights! Some of those people think the constitution applies to everyone on American soil regardless of what their citizenship is. For example; terrorists that somehow qualify for the American justice system. They are freaking enemies! These illegals are takers, sucking up everything they can get without giving anything back. If they were not allowed to work, if the employers were punished for giving them jobs the flow would stop and Americans would have those jobs. I think Obama would like to sign them up as voters before November. It is personal and racial advantage for him. He also qualifies for the moron-hood.

The immigrants who go through the legal process to gain citizenship must feel pretty bad when they see what liberals are trying to do to this country. They work hard to become Americans and to seek the American Dream and then they see these lowlifes swarming in here like everything is free for the taking. Which at this point, it just about is. The illegals get treatment in the hospital emergency room while 4th generation Americans wait for hours to be seen. Not only that, the citizen probably will be asked to prove their ability to pay the bill and be required to show their papers including their SSI#, an un-enforced crime in itself.

The automated phone screener really pisses me off when it asks me to press "1" if I want to speak English! Are you lidding me? How about assuming that Americans speak English and others need to choose another language and go through the freaking process of getting the one they want or LEARN TO SPEAK AMERICAN ENGLISH!!!

I've definitely had enough of this current national scene. We need to take the problem seriously and stop it by voting the culprits out of office or even impeaching them.

Mon May 03, 2010 5:33 pm
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