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Our Diligence is Needed 
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The original intent of our nation’s founders to limit the size and the effects of government is being usurped by those very individuals whom we have dutifully elected to represent us. And now, in order to remain a responsible citizenry, and in order to correct our errors in judgment, we must act to once again return our nation to the principles of governance so famously articulated by Abraham Lincoln, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. That is, we must return our government, to a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

To illustrate our predicament, in a letter written to William Ludlow in 1824, Thomas Jefferson said, I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious. As was true then, is true now; yet, there exists one complexity. The complexity lies not only within our super-sized government but, in the intent of those governing, to transform our nation into something only they desire. We are not being confronted with the unfathomable difficulties of perfecting a new nation but, we are confronted by a very powerful and devious adversary. Our adversary is all of the disingenuous candidates who were popularly elected to office, but are now determined to reform our nation to match the desires of an elite, intellectual and wealthy, few. The nature of our predicament, although different, is nonetheless as vital as Jefferson’s. Fortunately, we have the experience of history to build upon.

In 1782, Thomas Jefferson also wrote in his Notes on the State of Virginia, “On every unauthoritative exercise of power by the legislature must the people rise in rebellion or their silence be construed into a surrender of that power to them? In his notes, Jefferson seems to be questioning our numbing silence of late, which I propose has led our officials to believe we have surrendered our power to them and subsequently, they have chosen to act in their own interests; interests which have predictably emerged as contrary to those of the people.

Our silence, induced by preoccupation, trust or ambivalence, has led us to this regrettable position. (The listing is intended to be in order of cause) Understandably, in our seemingly perpetual endeavors to maintain our lives, families, faith, our careers and our ambitions, (not intended to be in order of propriety) we have innocently become victims of a radical mission to correct an inappropriately supposed, cynical conviction that we as a people, are fraught with inequality, racism, bigotry, war-mongering and fear. Our elected officials, in our unintended absence, have taken it upon themselves to correct this inaccurate and pessimistic notion, by apologizing and bowing to the world for our past supposed ‘transgressions’. Our government officials have attempted to legislate away all vestiges of guilt that only they themselves feel for what only they perceive as wrongs perpetrated on the less fortunate peoples of the world, by the United States of America. This self-deprecating act of submission, particularly by our President, is apparently intended to get the world to once again, ‘like us’. Thus, it becomes imperative that we recognize what Thomas Jefferson articulately queried in 1782; that is, without the people’s outrage, without our rising in rebellion, will more of these astonishingly futile, contrived and absurd efforts to appease the world, continue?

Consider the matter of the tremendous influx of immigrants from Mexico, now estimated at nearly 14 million in the US, illegally. In response to unchecked immigration, the State of Arizona was made to enact legislation allowing local law enforcement to question a person’s immigration status. Our Government, not having read the State’s legislation, has nonetheless subscribed to the latest rumors and has chastised the State for what they conclude is an affront to social justice. Rather than resolve the matter, which is clearly within the Federal purview, the government has instead chosen to ridicule, bully, threaten and impugn the integrity of the people of the Great State of Arizona. Impugning the people of a sovereign State, by claiming they are racist and bigoted, is clearly not within the powers of the Federal Government as granted to it by the people. Yet, that is one authority that has been claimed by our Federal Government, under the current Administration.
Next, consider the ubiquitous health care reform law. This massive piece of legislation is clearly intended to redistribute wealth in America. Those, the government deems have “made enough”, must provide for those the government deems are deserving of more.

One cannot consider health care reform without incorporating the previous topic of illegal immigration. Simply due to the fact that once health care reform became law, President Obama promptly directed a committee to reform the US immigration policy, curiously leads one to believe an association exists between the two matters. Moreover, one cannot disregard the heartwarming, utopian, ‘hopey-changey’ feelings the President and his friends in Congress were searching for, when they made such a giant leap for social justice. The massive health care entitlement program intended for all persons living within the US and the unchecked flow of illegal immigrants, have a direct correlation to each other and to the advancement of social justice.

The hope for relief from the unwarranted guilt which Barack Obama anticipates from the ‘hope and change’ reforms he promotes, indefensibly overshadow all intelligent assessment of the costs and effects from providing such a massive entitlement program. The anticipated sense of redemption from providing health care to immigrants, particularly those who had no previous access to such advanced and benevolent care but, can now obtain it for free in the ‘reformed’ US, is such a powerful stimulus, the Obama Administration takes no notice of the violation of laws which regulate immigration, as well as the violation with absolute contempt for the laws which secure and preserve our borders. I will not go beyond mention of the government’s total disregard for the social and economic impacts to its citizens, our civil institutions, our businesses and our local and national economies, from its failure to secure our borders.

As the American people grow wise to the politically incorrect antics of our President, of his collaborative administration, and the tail-wagging Houses of Congress, our enlightenment must cause us to forbid what is rapidly becoming a government with too much power and with too much control. Social justice must not prevail over the rights of the individual and the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. If we fail to rise in rebellion to this affront by our elected representatives, individual rights and representative governance will become an anachronism.

America’s history has proven without compromise that the strength of the Republic lies within its people. Jefferson astutely affirmed, “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories.” The sovereignty, security and the preservation of our Republic are undeniably at stake while we endure the anomaly of this administration.
Our historical form of representative government has preserved our nation’s stability throughout difficult times, and it has always assured representation of our individual and national interests, both in good times and in bad. The interests of the American people, have of late, grown so far removed from the radical interests of our elected representatives, that it makes it imperative for all of us within this great nation to become actively engaged in its rescue from the elite personal interests, ambitions and political motivations of this administration.

George Mason, the primary architect of the Bill of Rights, in a speech delivered at the Virginia Ratifying Convention of June 14, 1778, stated, “Nothing so strongly impels a man to regard the interest of his constituents, as the certainty of returning to the general mass of the people, from whence he was taken, where he must participate in their burdens.

Can you imagine the embarrassment suffered by our elected officials as they return to public life once exposed for their true intent, once known for promoting interests contrary to the specific interests of the people? If anyone trustingly elected to represent the people fails in his representation by only promoting what he or his party leadership deems necessary, he can and must be removed from office as soon as practicable.

This is the brilliance of our Republican form of governance, and it represents the essence of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. As a representative is removed and replaced by someone more attune to the will of the people, he is then made to return to public life and must live among those he was elected to represent and serve. He not only suffers the shame of his dishonesty in service, but he must also live within the very political, social and economic environment he negligently worked to create. This is a very potent prohibition to the promotion of self-interests, and it is just as it should be and is just as George Mason, quipped.

There is too much relativity within the numerous actions of this administration for it to be mere coincidence that each involves further governmental intrusion into State sovereignty, the American economy, its industry, and into our lives and livelihoods. These are purely calculated actions and are intended to reform our historical form of Republican governance into a radical Progressive/Social-Democracy. Beyond this explanation, the unprecedented growth of government, the enormous Federal spending and its relentless efforts to expand well beyond the powers granted to it by the people, under the Constitution, is otherwise incomprehensible.

These unfortunate circumstances have evolved as we were busy working. Our lives seldom allow us the privilege to devote as much time to these matters as we would like or in this case, must. Americans have always risen to manage crises and we must acknowledge that in fact we are in a crisis at this very time in history. It is difficult to surmise such an occurrence within our safe haven of democracy, but no other explanation exists, and no alternate, peaceable actions are available to us as an electorate, to resolve this dilemma.

Americans must diligently engage in the battle to defend our representative form of governance. We must vigorously vet potential candidates to ensure superior representation of our individual rights and of equal justice for all. We must query candidates based upon our traditional American values and upon our Constitutional principles. Americans must intelligently participate in every election and by informed vote and consensus must remove representatives who abide by values which are contrary to those that have sustained this great nation, since its founding.

Mon May 17, 2010 2:29 pm
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