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Rumor Rattling 
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Post Rumor Rattling
There are some common ways that politicians try to beat their opponents behind closed doors by repeating rumors over and over. If you want to know the truth, listen to both sides and don't just give up to the people who threaten you to get you to support them. This is what happens in every election. Don't be threatened or bought. Don't be one of those patsies like the people John Tighe gave big raises to so they would contribute to his campaign and support him. We don't know that they really thought he was the best to be commissioner or if they were just paid to say that. Beware of the high-paid employees telling you that their bosses are the best.

First Regular Rumor:
Incumbents in office who have power over your job will try to scare you by telling you that a new person who might be elected will fire everybody in the department and the only way you can keep your job is to support your boss.
For flipping sake. Who wants to get rid of all of the experienced people in a whole department and start from scratch? That's just stupid. Nobody worth having the job is that dumb. In fact, your job might be safer if you have a less corrupt person in charge of the department and your job. No manager wants the nightmare of a whole office full of newbies. But they keep spreading that rumor and the employees who don't know about management fall for it. Just ask. Talk to the person running for the office. You will be able to sense if they are wanting to do the right thing, won't you?

Second Regular Rumor:
Incumbents in office and their fellow mongers will try to tell people that certain "others" are behind the person running to beat them. They try to associate the new candidate with somebody they know you won't like.
Look for the evidence. Don't just be a follower believing everything your bosses tell you! Most new candidates don't want to associate with unpopular people and are running to improve the department or government they would like to be elected to run. They have to talk to everyone who might vote. That doesn't mean they are taking orders from them. If somebody tells you that unpopular people are in charge of somebody else's campaign, look for documents to prove it or, better yet, ASK the candidate who is helping them. You may find out it's just their family. HORRORS!! It's a common practice for the ones in power to try to kill someone by association. Don't fall for it!! Watch for yourself!!

Third Regular Rumor:
Incumbents in office will try to tell you that the new person running has no experience in that office.
Well, d'oh. Neither did the person that's in that office when he or she first ran. That's true of most elected offices. Most people are elected on popularity, not competence. If they had to apply for the job based on their smarts, they'd never get it. All of the "experience" that the incumbents have now, you paid for them to get! This is the stupidest argument ever. A smart manager hires the best people to help with the areas where he doesn't have a lot of experience. Look at the Sheriff. He hired managers to handle all of the paperwork and politics of the office so he could race up and down the highway chasing speeders in his unmarked car. Some would say that delegating all of the management didn't work out too well for him because he had such a mess with prosecutions of his officers, other people firing his undersheriff while he was gone, losing money like a madman, and so forth. Contrary to what they might tell you, bad experience with bad habits isn't necessarily better than little or none.

And just so you know--I'm not on anybody's campaign. I'm just sick of this county being manipulated by the gang in charge in Fairplay repeating the same rumors over and over until gullible people believe they're true. Most of you don't know how bad it is.

Anybody have any other tricks and rumors to share? :pi:

Fri Nov 20, 2009 9:37 am

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Post Re: Rumor Rattling
Whoops. Backroom politics brought out in the open. What will they think of next?

Truth in advertising? :o

It's going to be an interesting election. <):)

Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:09 am
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