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County Sheriff's Dangerous Choices 
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Post County Sheriff's Dangerous Choices
Sheriff Fred Wegener doesn't seem to exercise good judgment in his hiring history. He hired Don Anthony as undersheriff and then let his jail captain fire him for a dumb reason and then the captain (Monte Gore) took over the job.

He had a communications Lieutenant who was prosecuted for sexual harrassment. So they cleared the path for Monte Gore to be a big shot in the office. They did most of this without the Sheriff even being in town. The jail captain was working closely with the commissioners and in their office constantly so they might have helped cooked up the deal.

After the awful school shooting, commissioner John Tighe was hired (extra taxpayer paycheck) to be a school security officer even though he was still a commissioner voting on the sheriff's budget but working for him, too. At the same time, the commissioners (including John Tighe) voted to give Monte Gore a huge raise that wasn't previously planned or budgeted. Did everybody in the government make money off poor Emily?

If you search Monte Gore you see a couple of lawsuits both in Summit County and Park County where inmates sued because they were denied medical care while Monte was in charge of the jail. It sounds like pretty brutal behavior.

Here is an excerpt from one lawsuit in Summit County.
The district court denied summary judgment to Captain Gore on Mr. Harris's inadequate-medical-care claim. But it addressed only whether Mr. Harris had produced evidence of a constitutional violation. The court concluded that "for purposes of summary judgment . . . Gore should have recognized the need for medical attention in Plaintiff's case" and that the evidence supported a "finding that [Gore] had enough information to infer Plaintiff was at substantial risk of injury and disregarded it . . . ."

Then Fred hires him and lets him barge in and take over our jail and fire the undersheriff so he can take his job. But while Gore was in charge of the jail, there was another lawsuit.

This was settled when the inmate who lost his leg due to an infection was paid by the county and the Sheriff. You might find this interesting.
In a deposition for the lawsuit in November, a former Sheriff's Office employee testified the jail had an "open-ended capacity" when it came to accepting inmates.

John Bellantonio, who no longer works at the jail, testified that, on one occasion, he told immigration officials there was no room for a batch of detainees.

"We've got more than we can handle right now. Don't bring them," he told federal officials, according to court records. "And the next day, I was corrected."

"I was told, basically, 'Make room for them. You know, this is our moneymaker. Make room for them,"' he said during the deposition. "I would ask, 'What's the capacity? When do you say, 'no?' And I was told, 'Just make room for them,' basically."

Gore acknowledged that, before the expansion, inmates sometimes slept on mattresses on the floor.

Interesting reading:

Although Park County's jail is the most profitable in the state, some worry if it can remain so after the state adds 3,000 private-prison beds and 1,000 beds at Colorado State Penitentiary in CaInon City within the next few years.

"If they build those large facilities and Park County starts losing a lot of the DOC inmates, there goes the money," said Don Anthony, a former undersheriff challenging Sheriff Fred Wegener in the August Republican primary.

The inmate who sued got $1.5 million and had to agree to not talk about the details of the settlement. Was Fred out of town when this person was left in those conditions, too?

Eventually Carranza-Reyes was transported to Summit Medical Center, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and sepsis, and then to Denver General Hospital, where he went into cardiac and respiratory arrest, had a necrotic (dead) lower left lobe of his lung, and had to have part of his left leg amputated because his left foot had gangrene. From the Flume

Since Gore and Tighe are joined at the wallet, you have to wonder why the sheriff doesn't want to see the handwriting on the wall. Will one of his nasty cohorts be appointed sheriff when Fred gives up and leaves in a couple of years for his business waiting in Florida? Or will too much backroom information start coming out about things covered up and he'll run from it?

If you're one of those engaging in blind loyalty, I pity you when the stuff hits the fan.

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Post Re: County Sheriff's Dangerous Choices
I heard that the sheriff and his command were threatening people's jobs if they didn't support the "right" people? That sounds like gang stuff. Can that be true? Even calling other counties to mess up jobs for people? I'm not saying this is true, but if somebody would do that, what wouldn't they do? There seem to be some strange things going on - no holds barred like I've never seen in a local election before. It's a bit unnerving for us out here.

Also heard the Sheriff had a fit at a meeting last week, but I'm trying to find somebody who was there or has more info. Anybody have the story? Or is there a story? Might not be one at all, but it sure sounded interesting. :pi:

Park County Government is an Ethics-Free Zone

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