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Sheriff denies responsibility AGAIN 
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Post Sheriff denies responsibility AGAIN
Want to know why Fred doesn't fire his sidekick Gore? If he does that, who will take responsibility for all of his screwups. Is he really "the teflon sheriff" or are the voters just ignorant because everybody covers his butt and lets him hide behind them. He just plays stupid and everybody else takes the heat for him. He's no hero, I'm sorry to say. You are mistaken if you think he did anything heroic at any incident. Check your facts.

Here's another case where he does his act of playing dumb about what is going on in his own jail or department. This is about the 6th case where he has done this so he really can't fire Gore because Gore will expose him, I think. Fred just says "They did that without telling me" or "That all happened while I was out of town" and he gets off the hook every time. You need to pay attention to this, Park County, before you learn too late. The county is being sued all the time because of behavior by officers in the sheriff's department and the pretended ignorance by your "hero" sheriff.

Here's the case from Chaffee county where a prisoner said he was tased by a training officer while locked up and then he talked to the press about it. Soon after he talked to the press, Chaffee county sent him to Park County jail where they put him on 23 hour a day lockdown even though there was no reason to. Here are some excerpts from the case.

"In late January 2004, Plaintiff contacted DENVER POST reporter Sean Kelly regarding the Incident. (Pl.'s Resp., Statement of Add'l Disputed Facts ¶ 1; admitted at Defs.' Reply, Resp. Concerning Disputed Facts ¶ 1.) Kelly's article about the. Incident, titled "Inmate Was Used for Taser Training," was published in the DENVER POST on February 4, 2004. (Id., Statement of Add'l Disputed Facts"

"For the purported reason of forestalling any possibility of retaliation against Plaintiff by anyone associated with the Chaffee County Jail as a result of his complaint, the Chaffee County Sheriff's Department arranged for Plaintiff to be transferred to the Park County Jail for the remainder of his sentence. (Id., Statement of Undisputed Facts ¶¶ 22-23; admitted in relevant part at Pl.'s Resp., Resp. to Statement of Undisputed Facts ¶¶ 22-23.) Chaffee County Jail Administrator Nick Leva contacted Park County Jail Administrator Monte Gore to request that Park County Jail house Plaintiff for the remainder of his incarceration. (Id., Statement of Undisputed Facts"

"The decision to place Plaintiff protective custody was made by Park County Jail Administrator Monte Gore in consultation with Sergeant Dan Muldoon.[ 2 ] (Id., Statement of Undisputed Facts ¶ 27; admitted at Pl.'s Resp., Resp. to Statement of Undisputed Facts ¶ 27.) While in Park County Jail, Plaintiff was subjected to far more severe conditions of confinement than in Chaffee County Jail, including twenty-three-hour-per-day lockdown in maximum security."

"In the instant case, the temporal proximity between Plaintiff's exercise of his First Amendment rights and the adverse action, when considered along with Defendants' inability to proffer any explanation of why Plaintiff's status as an ex-corrections officer required him to be in segregation after February 3, 2004 but not prior to that time, are sufficient to permit a reasonable jury to infer that Plaintiff's segregation was motivated by retaliatory intent. Thus, I find Plaintiff met his burden under Worrell's three-part test and established a genuine issue of material fact as to whether his segregation was in retaliation for exercising his First Amendment rights."

Fred and the other sheriff got off the hook by claiming that they didn't know what their jail supervisors were doing. For Fred, that seems to be his constant excuse. His jail captain (Monte Gore) is left in charge while he's out of town, so the jail captain fires the undersheriff and takes his job. The sheriff didn't know? The jail captain sends officers out to search the house of an old lady who made the sheriff's commissioner friends mad by threatening to start a recall action. The sheriff was out of town. Then they send officers to cuff and arrest a guy for complaining about his roads - again, somebody who made his favorite commissioner Tighe mad. So who the hell is running the Sheriff's department? Is it a bunch of dirty cops, including the one in the commissioner's chair?

Please, Park County, wake up. You have to get this filthy bunch out of there. You may think Fred is your little innocent hometown boy, but he is no better than the staff he hires and the people he covers for.

Who will be next to be punished for exercising their first amendment rights? Will Fred-Monte lock us all up for daring to criticize their thin-skinned golden goose in the commissioner's chair? I never saw people who could lie at the drop of a hat like the people in our county government. "Leni and the lawyers" must have been one hell of a teaching group. People with no sense of right and wrong and no conscience should be on the other side of their bars. This place is worse than the Obama crowd from Chicago. This place is filthy and that includes all of the people who help keep it that way by remaining silent.

Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:03 am

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Post Re: Sheriff denies responsibility AGAIN
I think I'm starting to get this. Our Sheriff hires some really crummy people who make the whole department stink. (Sorry to the good people who work there, too, but you need to speak up.) But he's stupid, so they get a lot of garbage on him and then he can't fire them? Is that what this looks like? The hometown dumb hero act has gotten him re-elected twice and now he can skate on his promise not to run again and people will still follow him like dummies?

We have to throw him out even if it's just to get rid of Gore and whatever other dirty cops Fred has working for him. They think they will put the conflict-king or the greed-guru in office without an election because their dumb hero gives them that option?

Isn't that enough?

I think they wanted Doobie and the Sheriff for the same reasons - they are just gullible enough that if you boost their bottomless egos, the idjits will do anything the lawyer tells them to.

Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:17 am

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Post Re: Sheriff denies responsibility AGAIN
From what I understand, they hire our cops with no background check, no polygraph, no pshyc. exam, lie detector test, nothing! Most of them couldn't get a real cop job down in the city due to the tests Police Officers have to go through, that includes their post-certification but guess what, Park County will hire you!!! :o no wonder they all panic and respond to calls in groups of 6!! They've got to feed off of each other on "what to do, now whats the laws?"

Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:31 am

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Post Re: Sheriff denies responsibility AGAIN
There are those counties, across the U.S., who do have Sheriffs with the attitude "I can do whatever I want. I'm the Sheriff!". The scary part, is: the ones who are in tight with their county's government (commissioners, D.A.'s, Judges, etc.) this type thinking/acting can hold true. Could this county fall into that category? Citizens need to take more interest in their communities and begin scrutinizing and asking questions.

A Sheriff is ultimately responsible for his "house" (all employees who fall under him). He is required to know everything going on in his house. Being a Sheriff entails major responsibilities. The job is not for high school mentality "boys" who are impressed with fast cars, lights and sirens, and would rather chase speeders than sit behind a desk and administer to his real duties.

In real America, there are no excuses for not knowing what is taking place in your "house". "Gee, I was out of town. I didn't know", etc. do not fly. This is not high school. This is the grown-up world. A Police Chief, of a city I used to live in, got de-throned because a detective (further down the ladder rung) screwed up an investigation and in this case, sh*t ran "uphill". The Police Chief is ultimately responsible for all people under him and this is also suppose to be true of Sheriffs.

I'm opposed to corruption! How about you?

Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:26 am
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