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The Clerk's Messed up Voter Records 
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Post The Clerk's Messed up Voter Records
The biggest reason to not allow a mail only ballot election for this clerk is that she doesn't have accurate voter records. She will be sending ballots out blindly in the mail to thousands of people and doesn't even know if they are there or not. She doesn't have updated records for her rolls so we don't know who will grab those ballots and vote them however they want. And what if a number of ballots are returned because the resident isn't there any more? Who will be at the clerk's office, besides her best friends, for the month or so that ballots are floating around? Her best friend the election official shouldn't be working on this any more than the clerk who is running to keep her job. It is a really bad idea. At a recent Republican meeting, the clerk asked people on the board who were doing mailings to let her know how many of the cards mailed were returned so she could fix her records. The problem is, the clerk has had confused, incomplete and inaccurate records for years, we hear. So this is way for the clerk to save money, but will be bad for the voters in Park County. There is so much chance for fraud in this kind of election and it doesn't take that many votes to throw a primary election.

There were already questions of people showing up at a precinct they don't live in to try to run for delegate where they didn't qualify. That person has to be investigated and disqualified if it's found he didn't live in the house he sold more than two years ago. His wife showed up in their correct precinct so it isn't like they didn't know where they lived. But his voter registration information was wrong on the clerk's records and he almost got a vote he didn't deserve. We're waiting to see if they will disqualify him, but how many others are there who are voting in places they haven't lived for years? Why isn't the clerk taking them off those rolls when the mail is returned? Poor job done in that office between the clerk and her election official, I think.

She also said the Primary Election is just a popularity contest so she obviously doesn't take her work seriously. And her office has full control to play with ballots that arrive in the mail and sit in her office for weeks. With all of the complaints that wse have seen about the clerk in the past few years, I just can't trust her or her office at all.

Please contact the clerk and the commissioners and object to an all-mail ballot for the Primary Election. 719-836-4222 office, 719-836-4348 fax, 719-839-0111 cell, .

You can reach other officials and offices including commissioners from this page:

Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:30 pm

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Post Re: The Clerk's Messed up Voter Records
My favorite mistake was when a democrat was elected as a delegate in a GOP caucus. hmmmmmm. What is up with that?

Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:03 am

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Post Re: The Clerk's Messed up Voter Records
BANDBVH wrote:
My favorite mistake was when a democrat was elected as a delegate in a GOP caucus. hmmmmmm. What is up with that?


Didn't somebody lose their delegate list or have it stolen, too? Right out from under their noses? That and the Democrat error have to be the fault of the people running the caucus, wouldn't it? Unless the clerk is such a Democrat that she can't tell the difference.

With all due respect to the lady who decided to run against Debra, that isn't going to work, I'm afraid. We need a very strong candidate to throw their hat in this one. Wagner won't beat her and will just create more of a problem, I think. She's a nice lady but not quite ready for prime time. She tried to run against Don Staples and couldn't even beat him, so do the math. I know she'll be mad I said that, but this is important. We have a very messed up clerk's office and it needs a very strong, serious, competent candidate to take it on.


:frantic: I WANT A BOAT ROCKER!!!!!! :frantic:

Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:35 am

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Post Re: The Clerk's Messed up Voter Records
The opposition might not be great, but an untrained monkey would be better than the woman who is in there who doesn't know people moved or lost their homes two years ago. When she has to go to a political party and candidates to check her records, you know she's in trouble. That crew has not been very sharp on elections and seems to be distracted by all of their spring, winter, fall, summer, because it's friday, etc. meetings when they all go out of town on our money. The Blackhawk charges were for the clerk and her crew. They are really gone more than they work. No wonder she wants to do a mail ballot only. It's too much work to do her job.

If she worked in the business world she would have been fired a long time ago. She sure wouldn't have been given a company car to do all of her shopping and family business in.

Sun Apr 04, 2010 9:14 am
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