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I may have a partial solution. 
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Post I may have a partial solution.
Seems like there is a lot of stuff going down, accusations of corruption, backroom deals and essentially much activity to concentrate long term power and resources.

True or not, I think I have a solution that will help in this current climate.

It may be time to bring back term limits and shorten terms to begin with.

I will take Dowalabe as an example, No competition 2 years ago, this year is having trouble even getting on the ballot. Other commissioners may have met the same this year, but they are simply not up for election. I think the term is 4 or six years. In this climate, this is far too long. These are all service positions and should not be careers. Their job is our best interest, not theirs. Limiting the length of their power and removing the ability to run again will take away many of the carrots currently being suspected.

I suggest that perhaps we write a new law and petition to get it on the ballot.

1. Terms are limited to ONE. Length is limited to 2 YEARS. All elected positions. The damage done by long term politicians is far greater than the damage due to loss of bureaucratic knowledge via high turnover (partially solved with #2)

2. Mandate that systems be set up for frequent transfers of administrative power. (be specific). Budgets, paperwork, organization.

3. Mandate that expenditures are posted within 30 days with details and authorized signature. Include that if discretionary expenses are reviewed by a citizens committee and found not be justified, the approving employee must pay the expense personally. The committee can be avail. to make advanced rulings if any employee is concerned.

4. Form that committee and let it have specific oversight authority (this gets back to my suggestion previously that we need a legislative branch of government to balance things out. We have a BOCC, like a 3 way president/congress with the courts as a check, but they seem not to come into play. I say we have a committee or rather a county legislature with low numbers per representative....something like 500 people per. This way a group of 30 people can meet to debate local and personal interests and push it forward to not to the BOCC. With no one doing referendums and no legislative branch - THE ONLY CHECK IN THE NEXT BOCC ELECTION - NOT A GOOD CHECK, with all the expected results that fill up this forum)

5. Require that all office supply, vehicle, fuel and maintenance purchases be done via a purchasing department charged with finding the best deals and reducing common costs. This department can also manage bids for buildings and other contracts.

6. Require elections for the head of #5, the Building Dept, and the head of Planning. Again 1 term, 2 years.

I threw #3 in there, cause if we are going to vote on something, why not throw in some public pork and get some answers and cost reductions. #5 if to deal with some of the repeat purchase waste. #6 is there because we need more public influence on these departments.

Just saying, if we keep doing the same thing and expect different results, we are the fools. So stop thinking that you are going to elect someONE in there that is going to make the difference....why not just mandate the difference via laws that we write to tie their hands in the appropriate place and reduce these positions back to their true administrative nature.

Any support out there, would you sign or sign with any particular mods?

Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:48 am

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Post Re: I may have a partial solution.
Just to support my own point. Keeping terms short and limited will help bring in fresh private sector knowledge with each turn over. Without private sector knowledge and experience, we cannot expect a govt. by the people.

Most of all this can free up talents like Dowalabe, Green and others to make more money and provide a better value in service via the private sector.

In general, if we can keep the private sector perspective fresh in government, we will have increased efficiency and a better connection between our government and real world issues.

Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:52 am

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Post Re: I may have a partial solution.
FFS, I've been meaning to get back to this and then couldn't find it. I'm in for the term limits part. The one term of 2 years is probably not enough. The terms are set by law, I think, so they will stay at 4 years, won't they? But I would like to know how to put the other elected officials back on 2-term maximum like we had before the county voters mistakenly (in my opinion) gave them a place to live forever whether they were doing things right or not. When you get a whole county full of entrenched and agressive dictators, you get trouble. We need to change them every couple of terms so that they can't keep using their offices and our money to get re-elected. You've seen how they think they own their office and everything in it because they use them to campaign for re-election. The people in office have such an unfair advantage over a new candidate that they just beat the crap out of them like a bunch of jocks in a junior high school. They take our phones, our computers, our staff, and use them to run and finance their campaigns.

FFS, do you know how we start this? How do we write something to put on the ballot to put term limits back in place for these tyrants?

Do we have to recall the clerk first so we can have an honest election on the subject? I'm thinking she will forget to put it on the ballot or change it 3 days before the election. How do we make term limits happen?


Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:35 am
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