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Even Denver Post calls Bennet's ads "Unfair" 
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Post Even Denver Post calls Bennet's ads "Unfair"
The lefty Denver Post has an editorial calling Obama's Senator Bennet's ads against Ken Buck "unfair" and a misstatement.

Bennet's attack on Buck unfair
The senator's ad is dark and alarmist, with misleading claims. He should be honest about the issues, which matter to voters.
By The Denver Post
Posted: 09/11/2010 01:00:00 AM MDT

For weeks now, Bennet's campaign has been running a television attack ad that offers a number of out-of-context quotes and dubious assertions regarding Buck's positions.

Read more: Bennet's attack on Buck unfair - The Denver Post ... z0zEYZuJFR

Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:09 am

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Post Re: Even Denver Post calls Bennet's ads "Unfair"
Bennet is just as bad as his backer Barack. Neither one of them can tell the truth about anybody or anything. Redistribution of your money is Obama's objective. If he wants Bennet so bad, he knows Bennet will continue to vote with him.

We need to put Ken Buck in there to help the others get things turned back around before we suffer for this for generations. I hope voters are smart enough to see the damage Bennet and his cronies have already done.

I knew some Republicans years ago who actually supported Ken Salazar. Some BIG Repubs. I hope they're happy that they helped give us trillions in debt and Obamacare. They owe us an apology. And how about those "Republicans" who voted for Obama? Happy now? What a bunch of crackpot frauds in that party.

Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:50 am

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Post Re: Even Denver Post calls Bennet's ads "Unfair"
One other thing that drives me crazy in those ads is the idea that anyone who wants to work on a cure for Social Security is somehow extreme. The libs are hiding the fact that Social Security and Medicare will collapse and go bankrupt. The programs are their sacred cows and they use any attempt to fix them as a bludgeon against the republicans and conservative dems that try to save them. It's a mathematical certainty that they will fail. Something has to be done to save it from congress. Congress spends that Social Security money every year and replaces it with IOUs. Now that the baby boomers are retiring, the IOUs are coming due. And there are no resources to pay it. The funds will fail and no one will get any benefits if things go on the way they are. People like Bennet have to stop demagoguing the issue and come to the table with their brains in gear and their idiocy in check.

Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:04 pm

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Post Re: Even Denver Post calls Bennet's ads "Unfair"
Channel 4 did a truth test on the ad that says Buck is opposed to birth control. False, of course. They've based a whole ad campaign on an out and out lie. No surprise for those liberals. I am counting on women being smarter than Bennet thinks they are and they will figure it out.

The libs lie about Buck being against birth control to get people to forget that the real challenges are the state and country being bankrupt. How dumb do they think people in general and women in particular are? :shrug:

Give lying Bennet :^o DA BOOT! **== **== VOTE FOR KEN BUCK! **== **==

Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:23 pm

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Post Re: Even Denver Post calls Bennet's ads "Unfair"
i know one thing and that is if we don't get some spine in the government we aren't going to last long. obama thinks he can get the world to love him by kissing shoes and bending over. he has endangered us more just like he was warned would happen. it's foolhardy to think you can win over a brutal society with weakness. if buck has more spine we have to send him. bennet has proved he's a wuss. a greedy wuss. i'll vote buck even though there's stuff i don't like. i think our lives depend on stronger people.

Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:11 pm
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