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County Clerks - are they the Gods they think they are? 
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Post County Clerks - are they the Gods they think they are?
I was following the story of the Secretary of State Gessler who is trying to look into a questionable election where the results sound like our election a few years ago where a tax increase won by 4 votes in the middle of the night. In Saguache County, the clerk won in the middle of the night after another person won in the regular count. The clerk said there was a machine problem, waited until the state observers left, then recounted and found she won her own election by a couple of votes. Gessler is trying to look into the election but the Colorado County Clerks (including our own goddess Debra Green) are calling him all sorts of names and saying he's not competent to handle ballots to recount them. The stories are linked on the Parkbull home page and there is another column I just saw that says what I was thinking.

"So when did Colorado's county clerks become the first, last and only word on the integrity of local and state elections — to the point that not even the secretary of state, let alone the rabble otherwise known as voters like you and me, has a right to review their work?"

Read more: Carroll: Counting ballots in the dark - The Denver Post ... z1HiHU2Ybu

We know that our own clerk has done some underhanded and maybe illegal things in the past but no one can hold them accountable. If they are gods of elections, then we have no say in the mysterious changes in elections overnight. Debra Green always ends up in the wee hours of the morning doing final counts after watching eyes are long gone. And she changes ballots without any legal reason and then says they "don't need no stinkin' Secretary of State." (something like that - she fought with Mike Coffman, too)

We elected a new SOS to try to give us more confidence in our elections which many of us don't trust now. The clerks don't want anybody coming in to check their work. They say that the SOS shouldn't bring in people to do ballots because they aren't trained. Who the hell does she think did the original training and establish the standards? I bet it wasn't our stupid little clerk with the hand-picked citizens she tells what to do. Don't forget she appoints everybody involved and has control over who sees "her" election. There's no independent oversight. Have you ever tried to talk to our elections official? She leaves town with the clerk and they are practically joined like twins and the elections official doesn't know anything when you ask. Debra likes it that way - no competition allowed in her office or from the State of Colorado. This is ridiculous.

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Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:00 am

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Post Re: County Clerks - are they the Gods they think they are?
Thanks for the column link MM. The clerks don't think the SOS is competent to handle their ballots? Did you see this?

""My elections division has 90 years of collective experience," Gessler told me. "We've got a lot of very experienced people, including the former elections director in Utah. This review isn't unscripted. . . . By the way, my staff does the training for the clerks and recorders."

I knew our clerk made some ignorant arguments but now we know they all stand on the same approach that all of us are too stupid to make sense of this. Somebody is telling Green she's more important than she is. And she's doing what the "powers" are telling her to do in Fairplay. What a joke our uneducated county government is.

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Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:44 am

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Post Re: County Clerks - are they the Gods they think they are?
In my opinion, our clerk and many others in our county government are liberal big government democrats at heart who believe they have the right to win elections any way they can, even if they have to hide their actions from the public. The goddess she thinks she is will now be shown as silly by the time the state gets done with this.

Should we start a recall here too like they did in Saguache with the other anti-public clerk? I would sign. I remember the stories on the weird stuff that Green has done here. She changed ballots, told someone they couldn't have public documents until it was too late to help him - I remember it all.

Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:22 am
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