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Fred Wegener - Incumbent
2006 Candidate for Park County Sheriff
Republican Party

First, some background…

Fred Wegener has spent most of his life in Park County. His family moved here in 1970 and Fred graduated from Platte Canyon High School in 1981. He and wife, June, are raising their two children in the Platte Canyon area. Daughter Dani will graduate from the same high school this June, with 16-year-old son Ben not far behind.

When Fred left the area for six years after graduation, it was to serve in the United States Air Force in Security Police. The experience gained in the service led Fred to enter civilian law enforcement when he returned to Park County. Fred started as a deputy for the Park County Sheriff's Department in 1987. Two years later, he was promoted to Sergeant in the Bailey district. In 1995, Fred took a job with the Aurora Police Department in the jail and stayed there for a year and a half before moving on to Idaho Springs. He started on patrol in Idaho Springs, then was promoted to Detective.

In 1998, Fred resigned from his position and returned to Park County to enter the race for the office of Sheriff. He won that election and another one four years later, and is currently serving Park County in that capacity.

Questions and Answers…

Q: What is the single most important goal you have set for your next term, if re-elected?

A: To continue providing quality service within the community as well as in the jail and to work toward paying off the bond on the jail.

Q: Briefly describe your two most significant achievements while in office and how they benefit Park County.

A: Upgrading both the training and equipment in patrol, jail and investigation divisions. This benefits the citizens with better investigative skills, done by more highly qualified deputies.

Q: Why are you best qualified for this position?

A: I have 25 years of law enforcement experience. I have attended the Colorado Law Enforcement Academy, the Aurora Detention Officers Academy, and I'm the first Sheriff from Park County to have the honor of attending the FBI National Academy.

Q: What is your department’s current policy regarding illegal immigrants, and what challenges do you face in its implementation?

A: We deal with illegal immigrants in only a small number of cases. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) won't come and get them unless charges are going to be filed, and then only when they're finished with the court process. Our department doesn't round them up - we don't have the man power. I also believe that this is a federal issue and ICE should step forward and do something.

Q: Now, a more philosophical question. What is your attitude toward our county government? Is Park County government too big, too small, or just right?

A: I believe that currently the Sheriff's Department is just right. I think as more people move in, I will need more deputies. I try to keep at least one deputy for every 1,000 people, and that is what the FBI recommends if that will result in a 5 minute response time. I try to go with more deputies than that because I can't meet the 5 minute response time in most areas of the county with that ratio. I can't speak for the levels of other areas of government.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2006
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