The New Voting System is Here!

     Park County’s new state-of-the-art Hart Voting System will be used for early voting, July 31 – August 4 and again on Election Day, August 8 in the Primary Election and for all elections thereafter.

     The new voting system has two components: the eScan for paper ballots and the eSlate with a verifiable paper trail for accessible voting.  Both will be available at each polling place, and you may use either system.

    The eSlate is easy to use, accurate, verifiable, and accessible to people with disabilities. The system allows voters to easily change their minds or correct ballot mistakes.

     To use the eSlate, a voter simply turns a SELECT wheel to highlight the candidate of choice, presses the ENTER button to mark that choice, and, after reviewing a Ballot Summary screen, presses the CAST BALLOT button to begin a verifiable printout of how they have voted.  Voters needing assistance should press the HELP button once to get instruction on screen or press it twice to ask for help from a poll worker.

     From the Ballot Summary Page you will press CAST BALLOT to start a printout of how you have voted.  Remember: do not press the CAST BALLOT button again until you have finished your review and are satisfied that the paper printout accurately reflects how you marked your ballot. You will see a waving American flag on screen when your ballot is cast.

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   To vote using the eScan, you mark a paper ballot using a blue or black pen to completely fill in the box next to your choice. If you make a mistake, turn in that ballot to be voided and ask a poll worker for a new ballot.  When you are ready, take your ballot to the eScan and insert it into the ballot feed slot.  The eScan will accept and scan your ballot displaying information messages on screen.  Read and respond to the information screens and messages.  When your ballot is cast, you will see a waving American flag on screen.

      For more information about the new voting system, call the Park County Clerk and Recorder’s office at 719-836-4333 or visit our new website available by July 15 at

      Park County is actively recruiting new poll workers.  If you’re a registered voter and are interested in contributing to our democracy and earning a few dollars in the process, call us at the number listed above.