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Park County looks to triple county sales tax in General Election 2018 ballot questions.

(Jun 27 18)

Park County Clerk opts to not use Secrecy Sleeve under new election law. (Jun 11 18)

Carrigan's family tells FOX31 his Level 2 soft body armor vest was ten-years-old, out of warranty, and so ill-fitting, they believe if he had been given the right protective gear from the Park County Sheriff's Office, he'd be alive today. (Fox31 Denver, May 7 18)

Law enforcement distributed flyers in Park County asking for information on the murder of Maggie Long. (May 4 18)

Unaffiliated voters can now participate in the upcoming Colorado primaries. The law only allows you to vote in one primary. If you don't choose which ballot to receive, you will receive both ballots, but you can only mark and return one. Choosing either ballot does not affiliate you with any party. (Park County Clerk, Apr 12 18)

The missing aircraft was last seen on radar in the Kenosha Pass area east of Breckenridge, as weather had forced the pilot to turn on a southerly course. (Canon City Daily Record, Apr 6 18)

21-year-old Ryan Wesley Rees from, Bailey, Colorado, will be sentenced to no more than 90 days in jail... In June, 2016, Rees and Wyatt Maxwell Swindler, also from Bailey, Colorado, were drinking with two girls and two other guys... (Jake Judd, KNSI Radio, Apr 4 18)

This new 2-story, 23,000 sf office building in the mountain town of Fairplay is being built directly behind, and tying into, the County's current office building. (Business Insider, Feb 23 18)

The Aurora City Council this week unanimously approved spending $34 million for water rights associated with the London Mine in the mountains south of Breckenridge in Park County. (Aurora Sentinel, Jan 24 18)

Aurora Water officials on Thursday revealed they're pursuing a $125 million purchase of underground water at the London Mine complex south of Breckenridge. (Bruce Finley, The Denver Post, Jan 19 18)

Summit Stage will soon be rolling out a bus route from Breckenridge to Alma and Fairplay in neighboring Park County... (Jack Queen, Summit Daily, Jan 15 18)

The evening began with current Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener introducing Spodyak and endorsing his run to replace him as Sheriff. Spodyak returned to the Sheriff’s department in May, but has been in law enforcement for over 13 years. (The Flume, Jan 5 18)
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More than two dozen inmates at the Park County jail in Fairplay have filed a class action lawsuit against the jail, the Park County Sheriff’s Office, the Colorado Department of Corrections, and two U.S. corrections industry contractors... (Sal Christ, Canyon Courier, Jan 10 18)

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Two weeks ago, Reece, who lives in South Park, was making his daily morning commute to Golden for work when he said his life changed. (FOX31 KDVR, Dec 5 17)

Monte Gore's decision is the latest in a series of controversies - including a pair of federal lawsuits - following the Feb. 24, 2016, gunfight in Bailey that happened during an attempted eviction. (Jesse Paul, Denver Post, Nov 27 17)

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