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A small crowd of citizens, including visitors from Hartsel and Fairplay, braved the freezing cold and snow to attend an event organized by Sheriff candidate Michael Graves and the man he would like to have serve as his Undersheriff. (Feb 21 10)

Offices in both Fairplay and Bailey will operate from 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Thursday. (Nov 12 09)

(CDOT with photos, Mar 8 10)

An 18-year-old driver was killed Sunday afternoon as a result of a two-car accident on Highway 285. (KKTV, Mar 14 10)

a statement accompanying the report said. "Teller County, Park County, Morgan County, and Fremont County all reported increases of 30 percent or more in completed foreclosures." (Emphasis added) (Mark Harden, Denver Business Journal, Feb 04 10)

(per SPCFPD PIO on Feb 05 10)

Two to three officers per shift had searched since Thursday for the dog and they set out one cage that they filled with Pop Tarts and a bowl of mocha coffee (Annette Espinoza, The Denver Post, Jan 30 10)
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PSICC is proud to recognize another successful restoration project on the South Platte Ranger District. (USFS, Feb 4 10)

South Platte Ranger District has begun fuel reduction treatments this month on 81 acres of land immediately adjacent to the Perry Park community located in Jefferson County. (USFS, Feb 3 10)

Some may have been given an incorrect date of March 2 to file to run for open seats on fire department boards, but the legal deadline is close of business Friday, February 26, 2010 in order to be included in the printed ballot.

A week-long Click It or Ticket enforcement in rural Colorado resulted in 2,068 tickets to drivers and passengers who were not wearing seat belts. (CDOT, Mar 5 10)

Archived February 2010
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Remember, you can be held liable and prosecuted if someone you served ends up in an impaired-driving crash. (CSP / CDOT, Feb 2 10)

Long-time Park County friend and neighbor, Susan Pullman, lost her father on January 20, 2010. Memorial services are planned. (Jan 24 2010)

(at meeting held by commissioners Christmas week)
Park County's Board of County Commissioners adopted the 2010 projected county budget with projected expenses of about $31.9 million and projected revenue of about $28.9 million...
Expenses for the adopted 2010 projected budget exceed expenses for the adopted 2009 projected budget by $3.5 million. The 2010 adopted budget expenses are also about $4.8 million more than the preliminary budget presented to the commissioners in October. (Lynda James, The Flume, Jan 01 10)

(First announcement by commissioners - October 2009)
Total 2010 revenue is currently projected at $26,570,000 and 2010 expenses at $27,059,000. --- The jail is projected to have expenses of a million dollars more than revenue. The jail is requesting two new positions because four were cut in 2009. --- Other departments requesting vehicles are the Treasurer's Office, Coroner, Environmental Health, Planning, Emergency Management, and Code Enforcement.
A new annex building in Fairplay was requested for $30 million.
(Lynda James, The Flume, Oct 29 09)

Red, an Alaskan husky-mix rescued from Park County and taken to Ark-Valley Humane Society ... was adopted by the Fread family of Buena Vista (Audrey Gilpin, Mountain Mail, Jan 21 10)

Eleeson was arrested about 11 p.m. Wednesday night when authorities from the Park County Sheriff's Office, Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Marshal's Office in Colorado executed a search warrant at a remote cabin in the Lake George, Colo., area. (Rapid City Journal, Jan 21 10)

The Honda Civic lost control and skidded broadside across the centerline and the front of the Honda impacted the left side of the Buick. (Jan 06 10)
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Archived January 2010
John was a graduate of Full Sail and owner of Advance Creations. He was a certified EMT and was a member of the Park County Colorado Search and Rescue Team. (Delmarva Now, Dec 17 09)

Scott Brown pulls out Senate seat 52% to 47% with 97% reporting.
(Jan 19 10)

A South Park Ambulance District ambulance was struck by a sport utility vehicle at the scene of an automobile accident about 15 miles south of Fairplay on Sunday, according to a press release from the district. (Robert Allen, Summit Daily News, Jan 06 10)
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The 1992 Taxpayer's Bill of Rights forbade governments from going into debt without voter approval. Amendment 61 attempts to tighten the law by banning “debt by loan in any form." (Note: Two other measures also made the ballot. Proposition 101 would cut auto, income and telephone taxes and fees, and Amendment 60 would cut property taxes designated for schools.) (Joe Hanel, Durango Herald, Dec 15 09)

Recreation has replaced mining as the hub of the local economy, and little jewels like Fairplay Beach, carved from Division of Wildlife grants, serve the center of it all. (Charlie Meyers, The Denver Post, Dec 6 09)

A spokesman for Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., said she and Pat Waak, the state Democratic Party chairmwoman, would call a meeting of senior elected officials from Colorado on Wednesday to discuss how to go forward as a party. (Associated Press, Jan 05 10)
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"I took Mali out and walked her for about an hour and she was really friendly and very needy, but you knew that she had potential," said Braddy. (Sean Hauser, KRDO.com, Dec 29 09)

Chester Goes Home for Christmas

(Howard Pankratz The Denver Post, Dec 23 09)

Updated: December 18, 2009
Park County Sheriff's Office Animal Control responded to 6000 Forest Service Road 108 where they discovered approximately 100 dogs in severely neglected and starving conditions. (Dec 17 09)
Increased “Heat Is On” DUI enforcement will be under way from Dec. 30 through Jan. 4, 2010. (Dec 28 09)

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