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The prescribed burns will take place when weather and fuel conditions are such, that the fire will be of low to moderate intensity, and there are unlikely to be substantial smoke impacts to surrounding communities. (Sep 10 11)

McBee is accused of defrauding Habitat for Humanity of Eagle and Lake Counties more than $100,000 through phony invoices for work and goods that never existed. McBee, 61, of Fairplay was arrested on a charge of felony theft last week (Joey Bunch, Denver Post, Sep 7 11)
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"Mesa County and Jefferson County need new county clerks," [Nationally known election integrity activist and writer Bev] Harris commented by e-mail. "Current county clerks are violating citizen rights and costing taxpayers legal fees ..." (Teresa Benns, Valley Courier, Sep 8 11)

Unwashed barbarians did not desecrate the sanctuary of our election priesthood, as Colorado's county clerks all but predicted earlier this year (Opinion, Denver Post, Sep 2 11)

Colorado wildlife are on the move! When they migrate to wintering habitats that unfortunately leads to higher incidents of wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVCs). (CDOT, Sep 1 11)

Though his body was found down a steep, dangerous cliff on Aug. 20, it took until last Friday to recover it, according to the coroner's office (Denver Post, Sep 1 11)
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The latest effort to limit DUI-related fatalities and crashes includes a focus on drug-impaired driving, part of a statewide campaign (CDOT, Sep 2 2011)

In addition to planning ahead and avoiding peak travel times, CDOT encourages motorists to take advantage of the various amenities available at 31 rest areas (CDOT, Sep 1 11)

“Colorado’s first snow fall can hit at any moment in the higher elevations and we don’t want commercial vehicle drivers to be caught off guard,” said CDOT Region Transportation Director Tony DeVito. (CDOT, Aug 29 11)

Logan McClelland, of the Park County town of Como, was found guilty of reckless manslaughter in June for killing Big O Tire employee Bradley Blehm (The Gazette, Aug 17 11)

[Colorado Secretary of State Scott] Gessler had asked Saguache County Clerk Melinda Myers to deliver the ballots after receiving numerous complaints from county voters, (Teresa Benns, Valley Courier, Aug 12 11)
"This decision by Judge Gonzales affirms the public's right to verify our elections in Colorado and stands as a victory for Saguache County voters," Gessler said. "Improving voter confidence starts with an open and accountable system that preserves voter privacy. The ruling today reiterates these hallmarks of Colorado elections." (Denver Post, Aug 12 11)

A third, Park County Treasurer and Public Trustee Michelle Miller, saw contributions from Castle and others in his firm make up nearly all the money raised for her unopposed election campaigns in 2006 and 2010, records show. (David Migoya, The Denver Post, Aug 14 11)
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--Two separate sets of bids will be opened at the BOCC work session on Wednesday, April 27, 2011, for the new 8,550 square foot county building and offices. One set of bids will be for construction and landscaping of the county building, and one set of bids will be for the furniture and equipment for the new building and offices. Notice was published on the county's website after 1:00 p.m. Tuesday for a meeting beginning at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. Commissioners will also hear recruitment discussion for a new County Administrator.
--The Lake George Sheriff's substation plus Road and Bridge facility is 7,750 square feet and in 2010 was valued, with 9.22 acres, at $724,042. It was built in 2005. Value of improvements only, without the land, is set at $648,832. That's a value per square foot of $ 83.72 for a building housing Sheriff's offices and equipment. The new county building in Fairplay will be 800 square feet larger and likely cost $351 per square foot. The commissioners have promoted need for this building to house only IT and Communications for Park County. The use for the additional thousands of square feet and millions in cost is unknown.

--Current County Building in Bailey Housing Sheriff, Clerk and other Offices in two stories plus a finished basement is 5,250 Square Feet and valued at $843,822. That's a value of $161 per square foot and was built in 2003. The building is secured for the Sheriff's Office quarters and meets all public construction requirements. Quality is assessed as Average Plus. This is the building that came in at 100% over budgeted cost.
Why does the county need to buy all new Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment for existing departments to move into this new building?

In a wide-ranging meeting on May 19 Park County's commissioners voted to lift fire restrictions, approved purchases of easements by the U.S. Department of Transportation from private property owners for the department's resurfacing of Tarryall Road, voted to issue a pair of liquor licenses, voted to provide ambulance licenses and more. (Jason Douglas, The Flume, Aug 5 11 )

The Colorado Secretary of State found last year that 5,000 non-citizens voted in their Senate race, which was decided by a close margin. (Matt Cover, CNSNews.com, Jul 15 11)

In Mexico, to cast a ballot, the voter — all of the voters — must prove citizenship and eligibility by presenting the federally issued Mexican voter ID card, which not only bears the photo of the registered voter, but a fingerprint, a barcode and a holographic image to deter tampering. (Pueblo Chieftain, Jul 11 11)

Nathan Holstad, 26 of Hartsel, died and two other people were injured in a head-on collision on U.S. 50 near CR 111 in Salida about 7:20 p.m. Sunday (Cailey McDermott, Mountain Mail, Aug 2 11)

CDOT begins work on Monday, August 1, to stabilize a mountain slope along U.S. 285, about six miles north of Kenosha Pass. (Jul 30 11)

The incident occurred early Saturday. Klug and Coleman work for Teller County but were arrested at a residence in adjacent Park County (Jul 25 11)

Highway 285 was closed for a few hours at Kenosha Pass after a three-vehicle head-on crash Tuesday afternoon. (9News, Jul 26 11)

The non-contact vehicle that made the u-turn causing the motorcycles to crash fled the scene and is described as a late model Cadillac STS, tan or gold in color. (CSP, Jul 23 11)

JEFFERSON C0UNTY, Colo. -- Lightning started a fire that destroyed a barn that has a long history in the mountains just southwest of metro Denver. (KDVR, Jul 20 11)

The truck was carrying sawdust, which troopers say is helping to soak up some of the fuel (Christina Dickinson, 9News, Jul 9 11)

Named as defendants in the lawsuit are the Hartsel Fire Protection District, Fire Chief Jack Albert "Jay" Hutcheson, and board members Herbert Burton, Susan Jones, Linda Bjorklund, Jeffrey Winter and William Schwartzkopf. (Tom Locke, The Flume, Jun 30 11)

Among the projects that investors thought they were investing in: Internet terminals at airports; ... alternative energy projects in Hartsel Springs, Colorado; and a Nascar-type race track in Elko. (Melissa Loth, Twin Cities Business, Jun 29 11)

A solid year later, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Riggin, based largely on a recording of the conversation in question. It supported Riggin's contention that he said he wasn't representing the patient. This decision cut the legs from underneath the initial Park County complaints. (Michael Roberts, Westword, Jun 28 11)

Hartsel Fire Chief Jay Hutcheson and board members Susan Jones, Linda Bjorklund, Herb Burton, Bill Schwartzkopf and Jeff Winter did not respond to emailed inquiries regarding the new development with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. (The Flume, Jun 24 11)

So, Sanchez says the Forest Service is done warning people about the fire ban, "We are no longer writing warnings, we're writing tickets (James Jarman, KRDO NewsChannel 13, Jun 22 11)

Embattled former chief won't take another paid position amid state investigation of pension fraud allegations (Deb Hurley Brobst, High Timber Times, Update Jun 22 11)

Fire and Smoking Restrictions were placed on public lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), Pike and San Isabel National Forests located within Clear Creek, Douglas, El Paso, Jefferson, Park, Teller, Chaffee, Fremont, Custer, Pueblo, Huerfano and Las Animas Counties, Colorado. (Jun 10 11)

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