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Archived Aug 2013
The driver of a semi-truck has died after he lost control and went down an embankment on Highway 285 (CBS4 Denver, Jul 8 13)

Volunteers helped put the store together, and it will take volunteers to keep the store running. (Mike Potter, The Flume, Jun 14 13)

CBI and FBI background check process is taking 90 days. (PCSO, Mar 19 13)

The training teaches officers be able to describe the involvement of drugs in impaired driving crashes , recognize the effects of the seven drug categories, properly administer evaluations and complete the necessary reporting. (CDOT, Jun 12 13)

Over the past ten years CDOT has seen an average of 3,300 reported wildlife hits each year. (CDOT Jun 7 13)

STATEWIDE—According to preliminary reports, there were 318 DUI arrests and five alcohol-related car crashes... (CDOT, Jun 3 13)

The Heat Is On campaign runs the entire year with 12 specific DUI enforcement periods centered on national holidays and large, public events. (CDOT)

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