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Archived July 2014

The Colorado State Patrol is investigating a three vehicle fatal crash that occurred on U.S. 285 near Fairplay on Sunday. (7 News Denver, Jun 15 14)

According to the National Weather Service the tornado in the Lake George area was on the ground for about five minutes. (Jay Polk, KRDO, Jun 8 14)

Highway 24 was closed for a short time between Lake George and Hartsel as CDOT crews clear debris caused by a tornado in Park County, according to Colorado State Patrol. (Fox21 News, Jun 06 14)

The collision happened about 3:50 p.m. on 285, just outside Elk Creek Elementary School (7News Denver, May 16 14)

BAILEY, Colo. (CBS4)- Search crews searching for a young man who went hiking Wednesday afternoon - found his body on Thursday afternoon. (CBS4 Denver, May 15 14)

On May 5, 2014, recreationists came across a device configured in a spike strip fashion buried on a single track trail on the Pike National Forest in the Rampart Range area. (USFS, May 13 14)

Colorado’s Democratic-dominated state legislature is hoping to fix a glaring loophole in last year’s election reform law that allows voters to move to — and vote in — new districts as late as Election Day as long as they promise to stay. (Greg Campbell, Daily Caller, Apr 10 14)

Former Inter-Canyon fire chief David MacBean pleaded guilty Monday to three charges in the theft of more than $647,000 from the fire district. (Daniel Laverty, High Timber Times, Apr 7 14)

Of the 105 unbuckled fatalities in rural Colorado, 72 percent were male drivers and nearly 30 percent of them were driving a pickup truck. (CDOT, Mar 31 14)

In response to the recent legalization of recreational marijuana, CDOT launched a new education campaign on marijuana impaired driving. (CDOT Mar 6 14)

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - A Jefferson County Schools bus driver was killed in a crash Friday on northbound U.S. Highway 285 at Windy Point. (Brian Hernandez, 7News Denver, Mar 7 14)

Area propane dealers have seen wholesale costs jump to anywhere from $3.87 to $4.60 per gallon. (Michael Perrault, The Flume, Feb 3 14)

The final 2014 projected county budget of $26.4 million in revenue and $30.3 million in expenditures is similar to the 2013 projected budget, with $27 million in revenue and $29.9 million in expenditures. (Lynda James, The Flume, Jan 3 14)

What are your priorities for South Platte's water future? Attend this meeting to make Park County's voice heard. (Click headline above for meeting details.) (coloradowaterplan.com)

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