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Cowardly Law Enforcement and Prosecutors 
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They busted in, cuffed, and arrested Don Fensler for complaining too much about his roads. They charged him with harrassment and tried him. But when you have political families involved, like possibly Wissels or maybe Boyces or the Sheriff's family driving crazy, or any other high-paid name in county government, the panty-waists chicken out and run for the hills. Cowardly Sheriff and Cowardly DA. Their budget money is more important than the law and justice.

Park County Judge Brian Green had some harsh words for Brandon Wissel, the 27-year-old son of Park County District 3 commissioner candidate Lillian Wissel. "It was clearly a threat," he said. (Mike Potter, Flume, Jun 18 10)
Related: Restraining Order Filed on Candidate's Son
(Contributed Editorial Opinion: Our local District Attorney may have been afraid of the case, though law enforcement handcuffed, arrested, charged and tried an "unconnected" citizen for much more innocent activity. This case involved many politicians and was not pursued at all by law enforcement or the District Attorney. Our law enforcement sources agree that this appeared to warrant law enforcement in their opinion, and Judge Green agreed, in his statement in court, that it was an obvious threat. In spite of this, the case has been dropped and members of the BOCC make jokes about a woman being threatened with physical abuse and serious harm. "More evidence of how Park County operates and only certain people get justice," per a victims' advocate consulted.)

They didn't think this was enough of a threat when posted where the 350 million members of facebook could see it on his public "wall" page, and many in Fairplay saw it including most everyone who works for the county. But they don't think it's a clear enough expression of a threat? Here's a quote, with bleeps included. None of the words were bleeped in the original posting, I assure you. I know because I have the original screen shots of the formerly PUBLIC wall page, as do dozens of others. Keep in mind that none of the discussion about the Shawnee and schooling came from either Jones or Dowaliby, so he must have been given that lie by someone close to him who may have wanted those two attacked.

"Ok for ALL you b--ch made fa--its in park county, that wanna talk s--t about my little brother...i.e...(MONICA JONES) or (MARK DOWALIBY) or any other sorry b--ch that wants to bring him up...I SUGGEST YOU STOP !!!!! OR I WILL FIND YOU AND BEAT THE F--KING S--T out of you!!!! It takes a real little kind of person to talk s--t about a kid who did nothing!!! SO F--K ALL OF YOU!!! AND FIND ME Before I FIND YOU PU--IES!!"
(Quoted from Brandon Wissel's facebook public wall May 26, 2010)

(Quoted from Brandon Wissel's Facebook page, public wall, May 7, 2010)

He also said that he and others maybe should find those cops in that particular city and shoot at the "bi--hes".

The only reason it looks like the restraining order was dropped is that the "kid" was finally told the truth that the people he was screaming at had nothing to do with any of it and he was lied to like everyone else. Once he knew he was lied to, those two were no longer in danger. We hope. Who knows what his family might tell him.

Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:57 am
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