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Republican Party SMACKDOWN! 
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Post Republican Party SMACKDOWN!
Every two years the parties elect their executive board. The woman who was chair for two years didn't want the job again. Maybe it's because she couldn't stand the behavior of some of the elected people and some who supported them who aren't real republicans and abuse anybody who doesn't do things their way, I guess.

But the elected officials didn't get their inside people elected to the party's board, either. THANK GOODNESS!!!

The Sheriff's Department including cop-commissioner and Doobie commissioner and maybe the county lawyer wanted to get their expensive building guy Eisenman in as Executive Board Chair. But he lost. :-P And they tried to get another one of their high-paid government buddies in as 2nd vice chair, but he lost. First, Monte Gore nominated him for the wrong position. When they finally figured it out and got him nominated right, he lost anyway. :)) They want the government to run the party even though the government is so tax and spend liberal it ain't even funny. Fortunately there are some people in the party who know better than the voters that we're not electing Republicans. Just expensive liars, mostly. Either that or the people in office are just too dumb to realize they're not really Republicans.

How do so many stupid people end up running our overpriced government? Is it because the clerk cheats to get people in as dumb as she is so she doesn't feel too stupid?

Thank you Central Committee!

Chair: Richard Elsner won over government-run Tom Eisenman
1st Vice: Lillian Wissel won that again; most people know she's the real deal and should have been commissioner over the liberal from Alma
2nd Vice: John Lane beat Greg Kinsey the other government guy nominated by Monty or the lawyer, can't remember
Secretary: Arthur Hall - uncontested this time (last time the Sheriff wanted one of his people to have that position)
Treasurer: Joyce Lang who has been doing a great job of it for years

Why do we have a county lawyer who is also working for the Republican Party? Does one side get a bunch of free legal advice paid for by the taxpayers?

(this software works a lot better than the old board)

(Barack Hussein Obama thinks I cling)

Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:19 am

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Post Re: Republican Party SMACKDOWN!
The current county government is run by the Hugo Chavez party where they just harrass anybody who doesn't support them and pay people to vote for them. They give employees big raises that overpay them by huge percentages and then the employees give them kickbacks in the form of campaign donations.

They have an in with the media and no watchdogs so you know they are taking advantage of everybody. What will it take to wise folks up? Now that they know their beloved Sheriff is in on it all, will that make a difference? Or are they so blind that they don't see the huge increases in government spending directed right at feeding itself to the point of gluttony.

Between Obama and the county government, your unknown descendants will be forever in debt and dirt poor. The elite rich class will be the government with everyone continuing to be paid ten times what they are worth.

That Eisenman character - is he the one you can never see his nose? Big ugly chicklet smile like Tighe? Pair of phony baloney good time rock and rollers. Wonder if they party with Doobie.

I hear they budgeted a deficit instead of cutting any of their money junky spending. They could be part of the Obama cabinet.

Did you know that some of your Dem-turned-Repub-for-money elected officials supported Obama? Want to guess which ones? Good thing the majority of the Republican central committee can at least recognize the fakes.

Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:40 pm
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