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Checks and Balances 
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Post Checks and Balances
So I was thinking of the various sentiments seen both here, as a new poster and on the street.

I was wondering if perhaps what is missing is a system of checks and balances for the county.

We have an executive branch, the BOCC.

We have a judicial branch, our county court, to impartially look at you in the eyes of the laws set by the BOCC and elections.

We have a referendum. Get the signatures and you can change many things being discussed, eliminate the building code, etc. To date no citizens have ever taken this right in Park County, only parts of Park County Govt. have done so (like 3A). More info on this another time.

We do not have daily and direct representation through a Legislative Branch, actually, my understanding is that the system is designed to have the BOCC be both executive and legislative. How do you think this efficiency measure would work for the federal government, well, I think, about as good as it works here.

I propose (anonymously, here to an anonymous internet audience), that we legally form a legislative body in Park County. From the onset we can mandate amount of public face time and increase the number of items that are either poled for a republican style (other folks collectively voting for you) election or voted on in a democratic style.

With this new body, when the concept of an international maint code comes up. It is not just Mark Dowaliby or others representing your interest primarily based on the 2008 election, it is Joe so and So, representing subdistrict G (just Valley of the Sun or just these two subdivisions outside of Bailey) voting knowing his term is only 12 months and he is responsible to his neighbors.

These can be unpaid, volunteer positions, just with power to represent on a moment to moment basis.

I would personally have a monthly county vote on all these things, but the requirements for information distribution (useful or not) and voting procedures would make this costly (perhaps, though, not as costly as not having them)

Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:15 am

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Post Re: Checks and Balances
At this time I am not personally attacking any of the members of the BOCC, to be clear.

I would not expect any individual to be able to represent the diverse interests of so many in such a diverse place. This is why I believe even our attempts at the federal level with the House to represent folks better often seem to fail.

I still believe they are better there than not. Senators alone would give us far less representation and a Pres with no senators, even less.

So it is not personal, it seems to be a property of the position, which is why I am proposing this change, to reduce this burden (representation) on the individual Commissioner and allow them to look at the county as a whole and have that be their only task.

Representation combined with Executive Administration in one body sounds like it has led to more of a parenting (aka "because I said so") atmosphere than governing (aka keeping of the peace and trade) atmosphere.

Thanks for listening.

Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:27 am

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Post Re: Checks and Balances
ForFreedomsSake, your thoughtful discussion of our problems of dictatorship in county government is very interesting. But how can you form a group that will have any impact or force the commissioners or other officials to comply? The already say they don't have to take bids to reduce costs to taxpayers, they don't have to publish certain things if they don't want to, etc. They will not listen to any group of citizens.

Has another local government been forced to recognize an alternative legislative branch?

You may be mistaken about the judicial branch. The county has the money to pay all of the lawyers (our money) and the current district judge got his seat from his position of county attorney and best friend of one of the commissioners. He put most of these policies in place so it's unlikely he can be impartial. The current county attorney is a good friend of the district judge, as he himself stated, and he was hired on the recommendation of the outgoing county attorney who is now the judge.

It's All Commissioners and Their Pet Lawyers, All the Time.

(Barack Hussein Obama thinks I cling)

Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:49 pm
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