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Videos of Meet the Candidates 7/1/10 
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Post Videos of Meet the Candidates 7/1/10
Videos of the Park County Meet the Candidates on 7/1/10 are now available at http://www.[another website].com/Forums/video2.php .

Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:28 pm

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Post Re: Videos of Meet the Candidates 7/1/10
Thanks, good job. I'll be watching the whole thing.

Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:01 pm

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Post Re: Videos of Meet the Candidates 7/1/10
This format is much better with questions from the audience, but you still have "moderators" butting in too much and being control hounds. Don't they realize that these officials work for the people in the audience? The voters have every right to ask for any answers they want from their elected officials or those who want to be. Seeing how they handle difficult questions is part of the process. If they have to be protected from their own citizens, they shouldn't be there. Get the central committee out of the way, candidates, and take it like a real candidate.

Mike at least made some points this time. He glosses over important stuff like everybody should already understand it all and then mumbles without finishing sentences, repeating "ok" like he needs us to agreen, and rambles in circles. He's not driving home points, but at least he sounded like he showed up this time. Fred's answers are very vague and prepared. He really doesn't want to bother telling people anything. He escapes by trying to be "agreeable" when he's just being vague. You can see him shrugging the public off. These meets and debates have been useless in the Sheriff's race. When Mike started talking about using the jail for communications, that brought him to life. Fred didn't answer it. He's just going along with his buddy John Tighe who is a commissioner dead set on getting his new IT-communications building whether it makes sense or not. You have to wonder what kind of money they have coming from that to fight for it so desperately.

Lilly stilly can't explain her own tax plan and is not telling the public the whole truth. The theory I agree with is that using the term "revenue neutral" means she's going to dig in our pockets to make up for the credits to the businesses. And nobody has put a number on how much money, roughly, this would benefit the business. Is it worth doing when you consider what it will cost to make the changes and monitor it? Will it just cost us more? I don't think she knows. She had the same problem in 2008. Surprised people that she was so uneducated in the field of taxation, considering she's married to the 30-year fixture county assessor. She has no grasp of this stuff. Why does the government get to entice businesses on our backs? Why don't they give up some of the millions they spend on personal use of cars for commuting and driving out of state, family trips, etc. Nobody has ever done anything to control or cut back on that. And why isn't she running on that issue this time like she did last time? Bought off? Made deals? If it's true she turned on Mike in favor of Fred, she'd have to make deals on the cars. She'll say the words to pretend she hasn't, but you obviously can't trust her to tell the whole truth after what we've seen from her with her family the past few months. Not exactly an "up-front" kind of woman.

None of the commissioner candidates finished anything past high school and they want to take control of a multi-million dollar budget. No wonder this county has such a mess on its hands. Walker was the same - no education or experience in handling budgets. She learned on the job while helping make a huge mess, deciding to expand the jail, and losing money hand over fist. We have uneducated people running things.

It was painfully obvious that Junior Kintz, 26 years old and thinking big, was heavily coached by the cowbird coroner. He also had a friend in the audience who was asking questions he seemed to be prepped for. A political setup. I guess he's too young to handle the tough stuff on his own. It is boggling my mind that the departing coroner endorsed the least mature candidate instead of the obviously qualified doctor who ran at assembly. What did Morris get out of the endorsement of the family dynasty fixture? The approval of the other family dynasties? She's leaving on a nasty note. Dishonest actions to kick the county in the teeth after all she's taken from us. Tammy is more independently educated and experienced.

I have to get to my chores so that's it for now. I'll be interested to know what everybody else thought.

Oh - the other big issue besides spending seemed to be medical marijuana. Fred, Samantha and Lillian are against it. Doobie is for it and doesn't think the taxpayers need to vote on it again, and Mike said it's coming whether we like it or not, just like the end of prohibition. Good point. We should get ready to handle it.

Still - moderators should mostly not be seen or heard. Only timekeepers and somebody to call on raised hands, but not censorship of questions. Let them take it like adults.

Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:11 am

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Post Re: Videos of Meet the Candidates 7/1/10
This production was very well done. Thank you [another website]! =D>

Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:25 am

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Post Re: Videos of Meet the Candidates 7/1/10
Thanks for these recordings of the debates. Too bad there isn't more discussion of those, they're so valuable. It's really helping. NJ spent a lot of time on that post, too. There isn't much to disagree with.

What's really shocking and disturbing is that none of these "Republicans" running for commissioner could explain what Property Rights are. Doobie and Lilly said that it's the rights they give you to use your land under the LURs that they write to control what you do with your land. Lillian didn't seem to know the difference between kinds of property. They all stumbled and stammered when asked that question.

Samantha said she should have known about property rights because she studied it. Huh??? She says she's a conservative republican and doesn't know the special nature of basic property rights? How could she have home-schooled her children without that basic knowledge? What did she teach them? That the government gives you all of your rights?

Mark said it's a balance for the commissioners to try to decide what your property rights should be. He thinks it's up to him. He gives you your rights.

I'm sorry, but what a bunch of ignorant statists! I don't know what to vote on. There's not one of them that's fit to have that office. Does anyone have a case to make on whom to vote for?

:frantic: I WANT A BOAT ROCKER!!!!!! :frantic:

Sat Jul 03, 2010 9:11 am
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