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Interesting videos of Sheriff Fred 
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Post Interesting videos of Sheriff Fred
Be sure to watch them both: ... re=channel

Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:48 pm

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Post Re: Interesting videos of Sheriff Fred
My prediction is that Fred will attempt to crack jokes about this at the debate tonight and his family and other paid supporters will laugh as they have been instructed. He will then think that this scandal is diffused.

He made no legal argument against the woman in the video. Fred just kept throwing meaningless excuses around. He basically wanted to throw her out because of scheduling, is how it ended up sounding. "Does it say anything about office hours" and "Boy the voters are stupid for how they passed this law, aren't they?" Maybe he needed time to get something that wasn't there. In any case, both of those stupid statements don't change what he was doing. He used the excuse that they are (idiotically, I think) closed on Fridays which they said in the beginning they weren't going to do. The jail isn't closed on Friday and neither is the court. We need a Sheriff "open for business" when the rest of the legal world is. If the court orders someone released on a Friday, is that person going to have to spend the weekend in jail because nobody comes to work at the SO on Friday?

This is what he has created from lying to people about being closed on Fridays, then changing the website after the fact to make it look like he wasn't lying. See the case that started the whole "we're closed on Friday" excuse. PARK COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE REJECTS OFFICER REPORT

Prior to that time, the website, news releases, and all other communication said that the SO would not be included in the 4-10s schedule. Now they, too, take the extra day off without working the extra hours. In case you didn't know, the "closed Fridays" system is built for directors and other officials to only work 3 to 4 days a week, tops, for their bloated paychecks. They don't go to work the extra hours - go watch.

Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:59 am

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Post Re: Interesting videos of Sheriff Fred
It looks bad, no doubt. Poor excuses and poor communications. But please tell me how putting another person in there with poor and inaccurate communication skills is going to help that much? Graves mixes up words, titles, names, and even laws. (i.e. calls it Freedom of Information Act documents like he's a Fed instead of Colorado Open Records Act for us lowly locals.) You have to get the laws right if you're going to comply with them or enforce them. He doesn't communicate well at all. So do we just have 2 bad choices? Again? Somebody please make a logical case for one or the other. Not hysteria, exaggeration, and outright lies like we had before - logical and factual.

Anybody left out there who is logical and factual? ;)

Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:19 am

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Post Re: Interesting videos of Sheriff Fred
It's very difficult being logical and factual while confused. This is a bad election year so far.

Fred loses his temper and usually calls a friend to talk him down so he can get back under control. It's a bit of a joke who will be on speed dial this week. He doesn't care what you think, or what any of us thinks. He believes he's an unbeatable hero. Who taught him that? The dewy-eyed citizens of Park County who ran on emotion for years instead of looking at the facts and logic. The unethical leadership in Park County who decided to use his popularity for their own gain. He was so flattered by the ego-stroking that he let them do it and now they will ditch him if they have to.

So here we are, back at facts and logic. We've only known Mike Graves for a couple of months and are considering giving him a very powerful position for which he may or may not have the appropriate experience. Heading up a government office is very different from being a rank and file union employee. Not that there's anything wrong with the rank and file - those are critical positions. But the buck stopping at the top can give one a whole new view on life and the work attitude has to be much different. It's more a comparison of a business owner vs an hourly worker. Both important, but the business owner sets aside personal life, vacations, holidays, all things personal when there is a crisis in the "company." The hourly worker punches out at the end of a shift and forgets about the job. Nothing stops the paid vacation, self as a priority, and other non-executive benefits. Being in charge means that the job has to come first sometimes because a community of people depend on you to take that approach.

A sharp person can make the transition or, if smart, find people to put in charge who do have that kind of understanding. But someone too impressed with themselves is unlikely to recognize and compensate for their weaknesses. So which do we have? Both the same on ego? If so, you'll probably end up in the same place eventually, but have a break for cleaning out cobwebs until that happens.

Or, I could be wrong. As bad as things are, changing to an unknown, untried leadership could be much worse. In looking at what happened with Graves' campaign committee and how everyone around him, speaking under his name, seemed to be rudderless and leaderless and unable to control themselves. One has to see that as a first test of leadership. Not so good. In fact, a little scary that those personalities would be the ones he would invite in to his closest confidence.

And then there's Sheriff Wegener suddenly losing it and telling a citizen, against whom charges were dropped, to get her sh!t together and "get out of my office". One should be cautious throwing ownership of something in an innocent person's face when that ownership could be very temporary.

I guess I'm not much help. :(

Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:17 am
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