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Republican Recall Rhetoric 
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Post Republican Recall Rhetoric
If anyone has heard the talk of Republicans trying to recall their own Republican officials, I'd like to know what this is going to accomplish, considering the people making the threats. Can we talk about what really happens in a recall and how it's always a shot in the dark at best?

Sometimes the people who want to recall other people are worse, but the public doesn't know that because the recallers don't run for office very long or very openly. Anybody can run to be the replacement if the elected person is recalled. ANYBODY! They mostly campaign to "throw the bums out" instead of saying why they would be better. I'm not saying that's all of them, but I remember that happening during the last one. There's no system for getting to know the people who are running in a recall. They just throw their names in.

Whats happening now is that people who lost elections think they should have won and they want a do-over. It sounds something like a gambler addiction. "just give me another chance and I'll win it all back!" Maybe I should have called it a crap shoot instead of shot in the dark. They will cost us money, end up fighting and attacking forever, and causing a worse mess so we can't get anywhere on the real problems. Some of them can't get over that they lost and want to find other reasons for it besides the voters didn't want them.

I'm all for holding people accountable and putting pressure on them. Threatening to run a losing recall or write-in campaign against them isn't going to pressure them. It just turns the real protest into a joke. They will win again and get even stronger and more arrogant. I hope it dies down and we can get back to looking in a professional way for serious answers to some serious problems.

I know I'm in for it now. :dodge:

Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:52 am

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Post Re: Republican Recall Rhetoric
lynnpark wrote:
I know I'm in for it now. :dodge:

Maybe not, lynnpark. We know that some Dems switched over to vote for the opponents, and very few here want them in office. Call it an anti-Obama and anti-Pelosi fever. We don't want the lefties in charge any more. So if the people who are moving toward a recall are some of those, or supported by those people, then most here are going to be in agreement with you.

Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:47 am

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Post Re: Republican Recall Rhetoric
As I have said before, some of them need to be thrown out of office. But we had an election for that and so far it hasn't happened. Lynnpark is right. It could be worse. They could be replaced by Mulligans.

Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:52 am
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